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My First Year of Teaching REFLECTION

     This year the old style FILE 201 of all the staff and faculty of a public school teacher is changed to a PORTFOLIO. All is required to make a portfolio of their teaching career. So even though I'm not yet a permanent teacher, I have to make my own, too. And one part of a portfolio is the teacher's reflection. The reflection will be changed every year since it consists of the the teacher's experience and insight of the current school year.
     Here is my reflection which I included in my portfolio:
     After 14 years of studying and five years of working in private companies, year 2011 has been a challenging year for me. Every school day has been a test. It was a trial. But most of all it’s full of fun and learning. Teaching is a two way process – you teach and you learn. I taught the students with the knowledge I learned from the University and also from my experiences. And I learn from my students, they help me improve on my strategies and techniques.
     On July 1, 2011, I report to the school as a volunteer teacher with a little nervousness and excitement. I was thinking of what will happen. I know nobody from there, even a single one. But I was surprised at how I was warmly welcomed by the Principal – Mrs. Perlita S. Pangilinan – and all the staff. I was so grateful for the hospitality and friendship they showed me. For almost three(3) weeks I just stayed in the office and done office works with Ma’am Andamon.
      On the first day that I was given a class to teach I’m a bit afraid. But I was astonished how the students were to see me. I talked to them about their lesson. The class begin with introducing each one since I don’t know any of them, starting with me. And I ask them to write what they are expecting from me as their teacher and from their class which we look back upon before the school year ends.
     I got a little difficulty in disciplining the students. I have suffered from being friends with them and issuing discipline. I was on thinking that they have to like me. I forgot that they should like the subject most rather than liking me. I cannot forget the time when two of my students quarrel during the class and one was crying with red spot on his left eye. Although I was able to resolve the conflict between them, it marked on my life’s history.
     On my computer lessons, I knew most of my students were learning when they were asked to create a Christmas card with their own style and word arts. They were able to create beautiful cards to be given to their love ones. I was happy to see that most cards were address to their mothers.
     The poem submitted by the Third Year Filipino class was really fulfilling. It was fun reading all of them and suggesting some small details for improvement. Many students could really create a very artistic poem and they could play well with words. Sometimes I envy them for that. How fun it is reading poems with message and meaning. Poems that really comes from the heart.
     I am still vexed on time management and behaviour management. So I focused more on them. Though it is trying, I still tried. Many students don’t come on time especially my one o’clock class. Very few can make it on time. So I make sure to make the topic shorter but the lesson was given and that the target was reached. What I do is explain the lesson well and short (it is a bit easier since its Filipino subject). Just then I gave them the activity of the day.
     I have seen during my first year of teaching how quick time goes by.



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