Thursday, February 21, 2013

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MALUNGGAY experience with Moringa - O2 (REVIEW)

Lately malunggay has become very popular in every corner of household kitchens. Almost everyone was so taken by this vegetable for it's nutrient contents. It was used in the kitchen of locals to professional chef.

In our province this malunggay can be found in every backyard, never knowing how useful this plant is. We use it mainly for simple dishes. But today, malunggay has been so popular that it was used to different products not only on dishes, it was also used in breads, soaps, and this time.... lotion.


Moringa - O2 is a herbal lotion that the main ingredient is malunggay extract. It contains Olive Oil and Omega that protect the skin from the direct heat of the sun thus, making the skin smooth and nourished. Moringa - O2 also softens the skin. Malungay extract also helps prevent the skin from early aging which makes you look younger. I usually put on lotion after bath to prevent skin from dryness. The packing is great to carry wherever I go. So, Moringa - O2 becomes a part of my everyday bag. I always carry it with me. It is my addiction to put on lotion whenever my skin gets sapple and if I have been under the heat for long hours.

It has mild fragrance. Smell fresh and yes, it smells like you get a handful of malunggay leaf and crushed them with your bare hands. No poignant feelings, no pungent odor. It absorbs easily by the skin. Not sticky nor greasy instead it moisten your skin. There is nothing to dislike about this product.

Moringa - O2 is manufactured locally by ARDENT WORLD INC.. They are the company behind the successful and best-selling skin whitening .

What are the benefits from Moringa - O2 MALUNGGAY herbal moisturing lotion? Here are some benefits you can get from using this lotion:
     a. deeply nourishes and moisturizes dry skin
     b. smoothens and softens dry, scaly skin
     c. stimulates cell regeneration and cell renewal
     d. improves skin slasticity and suppleness
     e. helps in slowing down signs of aging
     f. lightens skin
     g. UVA/UVB protection
     h. Quick absorption and non-greasy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Join the Running Revolution with adidas Energy Boost

Running is not my forte. With my very feminine moves (which is very slow) you would wonder how I will look like if I'm running. My friends will laugh at me if I tell them that I was once pre-selected for a relay races during my elementary years. Even me, I couldn't imagine myself being included in any race games. Race games were made for fast runners, so does that mean that I was fast? If I am, then what happen? lolz...

But I remember my childhood in the countryside...

Whenever I join a racing games, or any games that will involve running, there is this one crazy little thing that I always do to boost my run. That is, picking up my slippers (we are always on slippers, shoes are dreams to us) and putting them on both elbows. One slipper to an elbow and running barefooted like there's a wild animal chasing us. Removing those slippers makes me faster simply because those slippers were slippery especially if the soil are wet. Also, its not comfortable to run when you are wearing something on your feet.  Whenever we get tired of running, which seldom happens (because when you are playing you never get tired as long as you are happy), we get a little rest, drink some fresh water and get back to game. Those were the happy years

And because adidas has released a new ENERGY BOOST™ innovation, maybe I will think again about running. I will start from fun runs then a regular running exercise. This ENERGY BOOST™ which has a limited pairs available will definitely gives you an energy return, an optimal fit, superior cushioning and a temperature standard three times higher than standard EVA materials.

This new BOOST™ will hit the Bonifacio Global City on February 27, 2013. Only 200 pairs available in the country and runners can reserved a pair even before it hit the market. Adidas, the leading sports brand in the world is offering a 100 pairs for pre-order mechanism that is privileged for South East Asia from February 15 until February 24 which you pick-up on February 2 at Bonifacio Global City. You can make your reservation at and join the Running Revolution!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

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(Opinion) "Supreme Student Government" Election in School as Training for National Election

Today we held the Supreme Student Government (SSG) election. SSG is considered one of the highest earning co-curricular point for honor students. The points they earn depends on the position they are holding. This is why most students who run for this election came from the higher sections where honor students belong.

In my almost two years of stay in this school, I seated as election chairman for the said event. In my observation, not all honor students join the election. Last year, the one who won the presidential position -  which is the highest earning point -  is not an honor student or among the first top 3. But she decided to run for the position because she feels she will win, which she does.

This year all running for presidential position was at the top 3 position for honors. In the presidential position, SSG Adviser will be the one who chose the running candidates and advise them of the gaining points and the consequences as well. It is still in the students' decision if she will run for the said position or either she give way to the other. When running for president was decided, this person will then select other students to be their running mate. Once he/she has selected the partner they will then decide and select their senators and governors.

This year, we have three (3) parties in the election. I don't know what their criteria for choosing their running mates. But, in my observation there are selected students that are not worth the position and are not eligible even to run. I am not being negative nor judgmental, but we know most of this students. They couldn't even responsible enough to attend their classes, submit the subject requirements or even study their lessons. And then they will be burden with another responsibilities? Being an SSG officer is not only a title, it has responsibilities that needs to be address.

I was feeling half and half after the election and the winner was declared. Half satisfied and half is not.

Few reasons for being satisfied:

1. It was good to know that some students really take time to go to school and exercise their right to vote.
2. Some of our students came prepared with their list to be voted, much faster.
3. There are students who really paid attention to the running candidates and selected wisely.
4. Since it is just a small school, all running candidates remain friendly to each other even if they are of opposite party.
5. The election ended early and peacefully until the declaration of the winners.

Few reasons for being not satisfied:

1. Almost one-third (1/3) of the students didn't vote. They came to school that day, yes, but they got impatient waiting for their turn to vote.
2. There are still few students who came to vote but still didn't know whom they will vote. So when they took their seat to vote, they talk to their seatmate discussed about the running candidates, making the voting slow.
3. Many ballots are half empty. Some positions are not filled. They just voted for their friends and nothing else.
4. Running candidates not even showing up in the election day. Not bothering to vote even themselves. If they win, how could they be model if that smallest responsibility to themselves they can't make?
5. Around one-fourth of the winning candidates are not worthy of the votes. Some of these people are a no show in any school even, programs and activities. Some are cutting classes, noisy during class discussion and not participating in classroom activities.

I believe this SSG election is the schools training the students for a higher purpose. They are our future. Some of them will be our Councilors, Mayor, Governor, Senators and maybe President! Who knows? We can't tell. But judging in this years SSG results, the question in my mind sticks "Is this really our future?"

My points:
   If you cannot practice your simple but big responsibility - that is, to vote - what is your right to question any decisions created by the people in position? If you did not vote, you are wasting the right that was privileged to you. You are wasting your right to be part of this organization, of this school, or country. 
   If you voted the person because he/she is your friend even if you know that he/she doesn't deserve the position, you have no right as well to complain anything they do that you at the very first know they could do when they will be given a chance. You should chosen wisely.


Friday, February 15, 2013

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Try Before You Buy - Sample Room

I was only referred by a blogger to a website via e-mail. Usually I don't pay attention to such e-mails. What makes me interested is the photos included in the email. So I visited the site. Good thing that I did. It was so new that time that I'm not sure what the blogger wanted me to do to the website. It was promising though. So I registered and leave it at that. 

Having browsed the site and found nothing to do anything there, I just leave and almost forgot it. Until I received an email from them updating me for some changes and other additional information on the page. And this time they already have sample items for free. 

I haven't ordered yet, I still waited sometime before trusting it. (the vigilant me at work.. lol)

The website I am referring to is non other than, SAMPLEROOM.PH. One of the promising website today for reviews and trying out the items before it goes to the market.

About Sample Room:
  This is a site for sample items. This is where you can buy beauty products in small quantity for trying before you buy the whole package. Saves you a lot of money.  The site is open for reviews from all those who bought the items. If you don't want to buy anything, you can browse it and read reviews made by other consumers. The reviews were all helpful if you are being a wise consumer. By the reviews made you can make your decision if you should buy or not. It will also help you identify if the product will suit you best.

How to earn points:
    As I have mention above, all item at Sample Room can be bought only with points. When you register, you will automatically be credited with 100 points to start with. You can already use this point to buy your first sample. That is only your preliminary earning point. You can start from there. But to make your points grow, you can do the following:
  • Rate and Review sample. You can only do this if you already purchased sample products.
  • Registered referrals. Spread the word and let them register to the site and experience the risk free shopping. :)  [So if you register let me know your email used in registration, that would be your gift to me (^-^)]
  • Sample Room contests. Sample Room offers contests where you can earn points.
  • Buying of Points. (This portion is not yet available, but it will be soon) If you lack points and you wanted an item to be included in your orders, you can buy points with your own money. :)
How much is the cost?
   Registration is free. The only cost you will shoulder is shipping of the items you wanted to sample on. Aside from Shipping, there is nothing more.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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here comes the v date

   Today I have created a dreamy date outfit on Polyvore. I know looking at the outfit below you could not say its dreamy. But for a simple woman like me, it's already dreamy. Just having a solemn night with the one I love the most is already a fairy tale.
   This is my entry to Polyvores "Show Us Your Dreamy Date Night Style". I hope you like them. :)

here comes the v date

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