Saturday, April 28, 2012

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International Giveaway - LOVE IN THE YEARS OF LUNACY by Mandy Sayer

            YeY, another international Book Giveaway from BookLover Book Review.!!! A paperback copy of LOVE IN THE YEARS OF LUNACY international giveaway!!!
              Although I didn't win the previous International GiveAway - SINK OR SWIM by Ross Collier (Congrats to the winner) I am still Glad that I still have another chance to win a Book.
      Like what I have said in the previous entry, I LOVE READING BOOKS.!!! Only one (1) lucky reader on Booklover Book Review will win so I'm crossing my fingers that it would be me this time. (-.-)

              From the  synopsis given, I am interested to read this book. All the love, the gossip and the war story would satisfy my free time. And reading such books from a famous and a Vogel awardee would really help me enhance my writing skills. Through Mandy Sayers' style I know I can learn some tips and style in writing.
      If I win the book, I can already imagine myself on a hammock beside the stream at the back of our house, softly swayed by the wind, with jazz or classical music on the background.
      The the review is so compelling that I really just to have it. If I don't win, then I have to look for it on a bookstore. (Free is better, though (-v-) ).
              Of course the giveaway is open internationally and winner will be selected at random. Beside from the blogging, the this contest is also open in twitter (@BLBookReviews). There are two (2) ways to earn an entry and win the book: by tweeting and blogging (information at
              If I still don't win this time, I know there are a lot more time (-_-)

This contest is closed:
Winners was announed! and it's

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