Monday, December 23, 2013

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Review: Strapless Slippers

     I first heard about strapless slippers about a couple of years back. I was skeptical about the idea of using one. I can't imagine how it would work. Until I found a store selling this kind of slipper for an affordable price. I bought one for myself to try out. 
     On the first day that I have used the slipper, here's what I've found.....

    1. It is made of EVA material. The sole is weaved plain and ripple and vamp is either cloth pattern or silk printing pattern.
    2. It contains nontoxic special adhesive medicinal glue built into the sandal that sticks to your feet.
    3. Not advised for sensitive skin. I personally suggest that its also not best for watery feet (soles that almost always perspire).
    4. Never put the pair slippers face to face. Use the protective covering when storing or not using the sandals.
    5. Oils and lotions at the bottom of your feet is not advised. Always keep both feet and slipper dry.
    6. Sandals is reusable again and again.

How to Care:
   1. Keep out of dirt and dusty areas.
   2. In case the slipper is dirty and the adhesive seems no longer working, wash it with water and soap along with bristle brush and allow them to air dry completely. Best if you put them under the sun.
   3. Make sure the soap you are using is not hand or beauty soap that may have lotions or moisturizers in it.
   4. You can also use liquid dish washing soap. It works very well in preserving the adhesive.
   5. Always keep the slipper clean and dry.
   6. Do not machine wash. Hand wash only.

How to Use
    1. Peel off protective layer
    2. Make sure your feet are Clean and Dry
    3. Place heel first and step down onto treads
    4. To remove, gently peel off treads from sole. Never stick treads face to face
    5. When dirty, wash with soap and water and air dry.

     1. No strap hassle
     2. No foot rub
     3. No flipflop
     4. No tan lines!!

    I used my strapless slippers during our Christmas Party together with a leggings. That was great!!!. It works well with any outfit. I was planning on getting henna tattoo but time is essential and I don't have much to spare. The slipper is very eye catching!!! Yes, I have the attention of the party that day! Not that I enjoyed or not enjoyed them. I don't care about the attention. But I care about my fashion. (hahaha...parang totoo) 
    But to tell the truth, yes, I got the attention of my colleagues because of it. I know many are amazed but half of them are annoyed (smearing at me). Ha!!! Who cares?!?
    I have my slipper morning until afternoon. At first it was very strange. My feet feels so nude. But as time pass it seems like normal. Like I was just wearing something very very light. And it is very light. At the back of my mind I was thinking how to keep it to my feet until the end of the day. Since we were a bit busy (taking pictures of ourselves, lol) and running, walking here and there.... the slipper stays glued to my feet. I can even run with it. 
    The feeling take a 45-60 degree turn during the program. Since our program is in the gymnasium and area is dusty, the sides of the slipper where my feet cannot cover, gathered some dust and small stones. And sitting is not good either. In the afternoon, after long hours of sitting, the slipper seems like drying and air is penetrating my feet and the slipper. The glue cannot hold much better. I have to stand now and then to put my weight on the slipper to make sure it stays glued to my feet.
   After almost 8 hours, my feet is now sweating a few. Not much, just the left foot. So, a few sweat and a lot of dust for my new nude or strapless slippers. It almost give away. 
   At the end, I still went home with the slippers on my feet. But I will never ever use it again outdoor. 

      My findings...... the slippers will work well indoor. It will be best inside the house or the office. Best use to relax your feet from stressful shoes and heels but not compromising your soles for the cold of the floor.

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