Monday, February 24, 2014

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Review: "Vidal Sassoon" Shampoo and Conditioner

This is the first time I have use this brand of shampoo and conditioner.
I will share with you my experience. 
Item: Vidal Sassoon Shampoo
       Vidal Sasoon Conditioner
Size: Shampoo - 190ml
      Conditioner - 184ml
Price:  Shampoo - P199 (acquired free)
       Conditoner - P199 (acquired free)
How to Use:
    We all know that every product we bought has a label that says the proper usage or suggested process on how we use the product. I always read labels. I read the ingredients, the distributor/manufacturer. I read the possible result, or the expected result that the product claims to be.
    But I'll tell you, most of the times I don't follow instructions hehehe. (just being hard headed). I do follow instructions only if I am not familiar with the item or the use of the item. On gadgets or electronics especially. But to shampoo and conditioner? Ha! I have my own way. lol
My Usage:
    When shampooing, even sachets, I always do the following steps:
pour small quantity of shampoo in a dipper with water
you can control the amount of shampoo according to your need
whisk the shampoo with you hands until shampoo is dissolve and bubbles appear
shampoo is already mixed with water.
     Once mixture is done, that's when I massage it into my hair and scalp.  For conditioner, it's very simple.
pour an acceptable amount of conditioner into my palm.
apply into hair and lather
    I will rate the shampoo according to it's function. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, and I will share why I rate such.
    Fragrance: (4/5)
       I give it a four (4) for both shampoo and conditioner. I believe that shampoos with lower frangrance contents are more effective than shampoos with too much fragrance. It smells so mild that you will love. Why 4 not 5? Because the smell after hair is dry doesn't long. So your hair don't smell fresh after long hours of work. :)
     Packaging:  (5/5)

      Oh I love the package. So unique. Not the usual round bottle or the rectangle one. It looks elegant. Big 5 for that.
      Performance: (4/5)
      Performance is commendable. I love the work it done to my hair. There is no tangle, no frizz and it was soft after few days of continuous usage.
      User friendly: (5/5)
      I'll give five to that. Yes it's very user friendly. User friendly in terms that it is not irritating to the eyes. Or was I just too careful??? lolz. :)
      Availability: (3/5)
     In terms of availability I'll give 3 to that or else lower. This brand is not available in small groceries and especially in sari-sari store. And since big groceries and supermarket is not available in neighborhood, user has to travel just to buy this brand. But it will comes in handy if you are in malls.
      Price: (4/5)
     It is affordable. I will surely buy this brand if it only is available in stores near us. :)
      Staying Power: (4/5)
     Since the smell is so mild I don't expect it to stay for long hours of busy day. And I was right. But it sure is refreshing and I'm sure I'm not smelly after a long day. luv luv..