Monday, September 12, 2016

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Different Ways To Style Your Black Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

       There is no denying it—there is nothing more elegant than wearing a black dress. Black is an all-time favorite of many women because of its slimming effect. Plus, it has that undeniable charm that not any other color has.
       If you have been invited to a formal gathering or if you will be going to a corporate event and you do not wish to flash too much skin,  a long sleeve black maxi dress would be perfect for you. To help you spice up your black maxi dress, here are some styling tips to keep in mind: 

         Opt for one with sheer sleeves.

If you do not like showing off your arms, you can do it subtly—with the help of sheer sleeves. In this way, you can still adapt a youthful and sexy trend without sacrificing your modesty. To make your look trendier, we recommend that you accessorize the dress with cuff and chunky bracelets. To finish off the entire look, we recommend that you opt for a ladylike choice of footwear like pumps or open toe heels.
Sheer Sleeve by StyleWe

    Opt for one with a low neckline.

Wearing a long sleeve maxi dress may be a bit too much. If you wish to break the monotony, then you can show just a bit of skin by choosing one with a low neckline. No, you do not have to show your cleavage. Just opt for an acceptable neckline. You can then choose to wear a statement necklace so the attention will be drawn to your face and your neck. 
low neckline by StyleWe

    Find the perfect fit.

A long sleeve black maxi dress is quite hard to work with. Wearing a long sleeve dress that is too fit will make you look fat and plump. On the other hand, dressing in a dress that is too loose will make you look shorter. That is why it is important that you find a dress that will fit you well. Since you will be wearing your dress to a formal event, we recommend that you opt to have your dress tailored to perfection. 
the perfect fit by StyleWe

    Cinch your waist with a belt.

        When you wear a long sleeve maxi dress, there is a high chance that you will look frumpy and old fashioned. To prevent that from happening, you should find a way to create a sexier silhouette. You can do that by cinching your waist with a skinny belt. If it is just a casual event, you can opt for a red or white belt. On the other hand, gold, silver or glittery belt would be perfect if you will be heading to a formal occasion. 

           Today, the trend is to show as much skin as possible. If you are not the type of woman who is comfortable in showing off too much skin, and you wish to remain as elegant looking as possible, then don on a long sleeve black maxi dress. The styling tips mentioned above will help you to still look modern and stylish even if you are dressed modestly.
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Monday, October 6, 2014

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Big word. Simple meaning. Two connotations.
That is the word "contented" for me.

     You do not find true happiness if you cannot be contented with what you have, but you cannot reach milestones and try to achieve more if you are contented with what you already have.
      Contradictory right?
      Maybe it is in a persons point of view how he sees contentment. Never stop aiming for more but don't  forget to be happy with what you got.

       Complicated but true.

Monday, August 25, 2014

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Dreams do Come True

    I always dreamed of having my own house. Even if it is small. Living in a different boarding house for over a decade is comfortable but too expensive.
    This year, 2014, that one simple dream was accomplished. I have made that little dream of me come to life. 
     Late last year when we started our little home. Accounts of the progress will be posted via photos.
Each day after school, I went in to check what has been done that day.
the area still needs major preparation

after a 5 days

only the base is done. started with the first wall.

this is the whole area. small but still its mine.. :)

piling up, brick by brick

you can see the form now. another week has passed

view on different side

there is this jackfruit tree in the very front of the house. it's okay.

almost. waiting for that roof now.

they had started making the "hamba" for the roof

"hamba" woods that will hold the roof while it's still fresh.

see that? im excited now.

Since it is design to have 2nd floor, the base of the roof should be strong.

its was pure cement they used. but after staying for a few months with heavy rains, this roof needs a minor repair.
Checking on the roof.

looks like it's done, but its not. It's all just a box, no furnishing yet.

they have started with the kitchen, and I am glad.

This is it. After 3 months it has more plants now in front and livelier view.

         There were a lot more improvements now than that last photo. I am proud because from now on, I may be still living in a small box, but it's mine and I'm not paying for it every month.

      This is a simple dream that I have when I was young, and its coming to life. :)