Saturday, April 14, 2012

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"PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!"

       Yes, it's true. The leading blog advertising agency "Nuffnang Philippines" and PLDT myDSL brings us bloggers and nuffnangers to watch the exclusive screening of the movie "The Avengers" at Shangri-La Cineplex on April 26, 2012, 8:30 p.m.
      There are two (2) ways to win two(2) tickets to the movie screening, you can just select one (1).

1. Write a blog post entitled "PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!"
2. Create a blog post about PLDT myDSL’s ‘Anna Banana’ commercial and embed these YouTube videos in your entry:

Anna Banana Commercial
Anna Banana Original Song
Anna Banana Thank You Video
3. Tell us why you like the commercial and don't forget to inform your readers about the following updates from PLDT myDSL: 

1. PLDT myDSL Plan 1299 is now upgraded to 1Mb from the previous 768Kb.
2. For subscribers fo Plan 990, upgrade your subscription to Plan 1299 by simply adding P300 to your monthly bill.
3.For more information, go to


1. Write a blog post entitled "PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!"
2. Answer this simple question: What are the things you love to do with a fast Internet connection, and how can the Great Payday Sale help you get you that fast Internet connection?
3. Tell your readers the following information about the Great Payday Sale:
1. This summer is the perfect time to enjoy the strongest connections at home with PLDT myDSL’s Great Payday Sale happening on April 27-29, 2012.
2. All they have to do is register at the nearest PLDT Home booth or malls nationwide on April 27-29, 2012 with 1 valid ID, no cash out!
3. They can upgrade their Internet with PLDT myDSL’s biggest Internet sale ever.
4. Freebies like a WiFi+Modem with free installation and 1 month DSL will be given away. That’s as much as P5,000 savings!5. They can also apply online at
4. Don't forget to include these pictures in your entry! 

Register your blog entry in the form in the Nuffnang blog to let us know you've joined the contest! (The form will be available once we've officially opened the contest.)

This contest will run from April 16, 2012 (12 noon) to April 23, 2012 (12 noon). The first 70 Nuffnangers (with at least 1 ad unit) to register their valid blog post entries will receive two (2) tickets to this exclusive screening of The Avengers. The winners will be emailed on April 23, 2012 and must RSVP on/before April 24, 2012 (12 noon). Failure to do so will result to forfeiture of slots. 

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