Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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September 23 is OASAP's First day of Fall Collection!!
Together with the opening of the season is the launching of new collections and of course Seasonal Sale!!!
Enjoy a BIG BIG SALE on cardigans and sweater!!.

Some items are also for free.
One trial is being sent out every week!
Everyone has a chance.
Free shipping worldwide.

Join OASAP and try your luck this Season!
Click the photo above to join the free trial!!

Here are some of my favorites for this Autumnal Equinox Sale!!



Monday, September 23, 2013

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Shiseido's Oxygen Lounge Invites

Hello guys!!
Sample Room invites all Sample Room Mates to Visit and enjoy Shiseido's Oxygen Lounge.
Check out the poster below!

Not a Sample Room Mate yet? No worries, Very easy to join. 
Just visit HERE and register. Start getting your sample products and start reviewing.


See you there!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

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Cardigans & Jumpers Sale!!

Romwe-latest high street fashion online Ber months has started. And what comes next?


Yes, we celebrate Christmas season at the earliest of September 1st. Once the  "ber" month start, SALE everywhere in malls are abundant.


      We celebrates cold weather, too. The air temperature change and we need cold/winter clothing. Although clothing for winter always has been heavy and thick, fashion makes sure you are comfortable with the cold and as well as the weight of your clothing. Nothing beats comfort, right? hehe.

    The number one online high street fashion, ROMWE is also celebrating the new weather with super SALE with Jumpers and Cardigans. 

Two extremely lovely sale!!

Want more?

15% Off First Order with coupon code 15%off on Romwe.com! 
FREE Shipping on All Orders at ROMWE!
$20 off $115 with code Sep20off

Sunday, September 15, 2013

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my first Firmoo+ Glasses

      I have won in one of Firmoo+ giveaway. And yes at first I was reluctant since Firmoo+ is a glasses store and I am not comfortable wearing glasses unless it's a Sun Glass.

Good thing Firmoo+ has fashionable glass available in the Classic Collection. I have browsed on Firmoo+ website before and selected some of my few crushes in the collection, but they are not available for free. hehe.

Firmoo+ is the leading optical store online worldwide. They cater for fashion glasses to specialty glasses. You are the boss of your own. You can customize the glass you want according to your eye need. 

From the classic collection I have selected the unisex full frame acetate sunglasses. But I just found out that this frame is already phase out by the manufacturer. The frame is beautiful and prettier in person. 

What I really liked about Firmoo+ is that the item shipped is already a full set. And they are really of good quality. The frame is thick and doesn't look like it will break in a simple hard touch. 

The customer service is perfect. After I have emailed I got a reply very fast. Thank you. And she is very helpful, providing me the details that I didn't ask but she knows that I will need. 

Tracking order is very easy. All information is provided after item is shipped out. Also your order record show button on how and where to track the progress of your order. It also has the record of tracking number. So you will not surely get lost in finding your ordered item.

So next time I you'll need a prescription eye wear, or a specialty wear or even a fashion eye wear, Firmoo+ has the all, it should always be in your priority list.


Glasses - Firmoo+
Leggings - Romwe
Others - moidudzki