Monday, May 28, 2012

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Goodbye May.... Hello June

     Whew!!! Did you noticed? It's the 4th week of May!!!...
     And so??!??   
     Ummmm, nothing much... Just that I think it's time to say bye bye to a lot of things we have enjoyed there for awhile.
     Say bye bye to the sun, welcome rain... isn't it?? Summer is almost over and it's already starting to rain. You will notice that the sun happily shines early morn but the clouds starts showing at the end of the day bringing us rain. Humid makes your skin sticky and perspiration would not end even if you are simply sitting at your room. 
     It's good bye time for beach umbrella's and hello to raincoats and boots. Your humongous umbrella has to be close and keep at the storage and bring out your raincoats and boots.
     For students, have your last hurrah for summer and say bye bye to your vacay!!!!! Bring out your biggest smiles and say Hello to your classmates... Hello teachers!!!! Hello books!!!!
     Yes, it's school time again, my dears. I know it's a bit depressing but you can't say no...hmmm hmmmm...
     So bye bye to May and say hello! to June :P
     Even I is excited!!! This June is the implementation of K to 12 Grade 7 curriculum. And I am one of the lucky teacher's  to teach the Grade 7 students. I know it will be confusing at first, but I love Grade 7. They are much nicer students than higher years. Not saying higher years are bad just that Grade 7 are much, much (10% more) nicer.... He..He..

Friday, May 18, 2012

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Professional Writing help for Nursing Students

     You think Nursing students are free from many paper works? Think again.
     Just like any courses, nursing students are also tasked of producing nursing essay, nursing term paper, nursing research paper, nursing dissertations and/or nursing case studies.
     Essay writing is much easier to create than other nursing writing paper, but they too needs to be well organized knowledge that needs discussion. Topic should be thoroughly researched, results analyzed, and data filtered and put together in one precise and coherent essay.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Thesis Help/Consulting

     With the increase of level of education, the teaching strategies diversified. Students are assigned dissertations or thesis writing in place of homework assignments. With this changes, students faces difficulties and problems in writing thesis or dissertations or even essays because these are designed for a higher academic level. Expectations for such are kept high. In such a state, students turn to some helping bodies. There are many helping bodies out there, especially on internet. They offer support for University Thesis help, Master’s thesis, or Ph.D thesis help.
     Students can look for documents or programs with such help or they can just look for Professional Advisors who offers thesis consulting and reviews. If students are fetching to Ph. D level, they are expected to do extensive research and discover new fields of research to have an incomparable proposal.

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Your money, your car, Your responsibility

People save for different purposes. And every purpose has different means. Everyone is looking for cheapest in every item. Who doesn’t?
Anyone who owns a car usually looks for cheap car insurance. They were scouting for the best and the cheapest.  That’s what all of us need and you should have if you are driving. It is a necessity that most drivers/car owners hate paying. Every driver wishes to find and buy the cheapest car insurance available. They spend hours in the net to search for stores and compare quotes. Drivers purchase those car protections to protect their car, to meet the state's insurance requirements, and to be protected if they are responsible for damages in an accident.
Of course, you are responsible for your car. If you want to avail low rates for coverage of your car, you should consider some of these factors: (1) maintain and preserve a clean driving record; be careful in your driving. If you maintained clean driving record, that will aid you to reduce premiums/rates.(2) Buy and own a car with lower value. Owning a regular Sedan is cheaper than insuring a Mercedes Benz. (3) Color your car silver. Car colour also determines your premium rates. Note that a red car is more expensive than the silver ones.
These are just few little things that will help you determine your premium rates. There are still more, of course, a lot more ways to reduce your premiums. A little knowledge would not hurt. It is still important to know that doing or adding few things can drastically reduce your premiums.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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DE 2012 Giveaway Series: GIFTS AHOY + SHOPPE UNLI

My second (2nd) entry to DE 2012 Giveaway Series....

I just love joining the blog contest... Thanks for bloggers out there who sponsors this giveaways..

Although none of the blog contest I entered did I won....I'm not giving up.. :) One day I'll be the winner...Hehehe..
this is just one of the items to be given away

This time DE 2012 Giveaway are items from Gifts Ahoy and Shoppe Unli...
Thanks Aisa.Paxie for the chance to join your awesome contest!!...

Good Luck to Me... (^-^)

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Pastels and Prints - Romwe Giveaway!!!

Yey!!! Looking for some giveaway from Blogs Like me????
You bet it's here...But not in my blog...
It's on Stephanie's Blog the "High Stitched Boys"
You wanna join?? click HERE.
Promising and very awesome collections in store for all of it's reader and ROMWE followers. And....
$60 of your choice on Romwe....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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International Giveaway - Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth

    Rapunzel in 2012? This is the fairy tale of our time. Thanks to BookLovers Book Review, I have a chance to have a copy of this very timely novel.
    Fairytales are fun and enjoyable to read. This book will surely occupy me on my days rest. Interesting topic too, a modern day Rapunzel? and three stories of three ladies in one book. That's awesome!!
   Of course Booklovers still making it international, which is very great, giving me a chance to join the contest! The same as before: SiNK or Swim and  Love in the Years of Lunacy, the winner of this contest will be  selected through
    Kate Forsyth is an award winning author, although she's not so familiar to me, I am interested to know her more through her writings. I am not much on drama or love story novels, but I would love a fairytale story. It makes me feel a few years younger :-D
    Readers of this simple blog can also join if you want. Just visit the Booklovers post about the GiveAway HERE.
    The title "Bitter Green" will not give you any idea on what the book is about until you read the synopsis. The title is Interesting enough that will surely make you think.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

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A mothers Day Greetings

I would like to extend my greetings, to all the moms around the world. Yes, I already greeted all my friends and my relatives a mother's day.

But, I cannot greet everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Cellphone and any other social media. So I am  extending my greetings and gratitude to all mothers out there here in my simple little page.

I hope every mother is happy today and have a really especial Day! 

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a cat's prayer

Do you believe that even cAt's Pray?
I don't think I do, too.

But after reading this one, I went on thinking......
Maybe they do, too.

He he he.... you can make your own decision ..... and ..... opinion...

Who knows???

Saturday, May 12, 2012

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