Monday, April 23, 2012

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My ZALORA Wishlist

     I am a simple individual. Love fashion but didn't have the means to follow them.
     I am a simple teacher. Work hard with little earnings.
     I am a simple blogger. Writes everything that I am interested in.
     Surfing through the world wide web, I ended up creating my own blog. Then a few weeks ago, I became a member of Nuffnang Philippines. The first contest I joined through this site I didn't win. But it's okay. There are still many more chances. And that's just I found. ZALORA Philippines (the best online shop there is) just offered a blog contest. A very cool one. Wherein you can win all the items you selected and put on your wishlist PLUS P5,000.00 credit on ZALORA!!!.
    All you have to do is just create an account on, select five fave items and add them to your wishlist. Easy!! I already did all that. I already created an account and added all this five on my WishList...
A Bonita Gold Chain Shoulder  Bag
Minz Slinky Layered Gold  Necklace
Hesperus Pointer
Santa Barbara Stainless Steel Casing w/ Mother of Pearl Dial
Kigurumi from Vesperine
    These are my simple yet elegant selection. I really had a tough time but rewarding, all items are so beautiful.  After an arduous moment there, I finally went on all of these five because they are:

1. Simple yet Elegant. These items has simple designs, not very complicated. Looks classy and materials used are just fantastic. Just look at the necklace and the watch! They are just so perfect!!  A very fine piece at that.
2. Comes in Handy. Each of them could be worn in every occasion and could be matched with anything. Like the Pointer shoes I have chosen, it could be worn with anything on top, together with any pants, shorts and denim skirt.... (^.^)
3. Conservative and Comfy. As a teacher, I have to be a little bit conservative on things I use (though its not my original style). Although I prefer to  wear slippers, sleeveless tops and loose, my accessories a little of a rock style thing, I have to choose the one that will be very useful for me. So the blouse I have selected from the ample list just defines what I am looking for.
4. Just perfect. The bag is just what I needed. Large bag with lots of pocket and inside division is all I need for everyday use. The blouse will be useful every friday or whenever there is a school program. The watch will match all my uniform and it's a teachers' must have. 
     Thank you Nuffnang Philippines for the chance to have this items. And advance Thank You to


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