Thursday, April 5, 2012

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earning while blogging

It's summer time....!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meaning, it's vacation time - especially for all the students out there..-

Since my work is in school, then it also means that I am also in vacation. A sad and happy reality.

Sad because that would mean I have no salary. Happy because I will be able to rest and do everything I have set aside during the past few months in school - just like blogging.

This time, I will be able to have time to post and get back to my blogging. And since I do not have salary, why not earn while having fun? And that just what I would do.

My first step, find a paid blogging site. And i fall into the site of PayPerPost.
Second, follow the instruction, which is to post a new entry with this phrase "an aging actor oh so furious".

Then claim my blog, and hopefully it will be approved and a series of entries would come my way (cross fingers)... hopefully...


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