Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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A Teacher's Day!!!

Although World's Teachers Day was celebrated around the world on October 5, 2013, our District celebrated it on October 7.

    It was the first time that all teacher's from our District team up to a one celebration.
Educators both of Elementary and Secondary levels joined together to enjoy this special moment.

a band of drum and lyre bands from elementary students.
muse and escorts represents different schools

of course, we join the motorcade!!! the heat seems non-existent with the fun we had
the CNHS Choir with their winning piece - "KALESA"

and a lot lot more to see....

Sunday, October 6, 2013

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Celebrating Teacher's Day the Simplest Way

 Before anything else, I would very much like to thanks all the teacher's I have during my school days. All of them, from my Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Secondary and Tertiary Years and even post-graduate professor. 

I would like to give my thanks for all the teacher's who have given me an inspiration and became my motivation.

Of course, there were times when teachers has not been very good but they became a challenge. To all of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

arcade bowling

basketball time - arcade

TEACHER'S DAY was celebrated this October 5, 2013. We have not celebrated with our colleagues in the school which frustrate us most. Our school Principal didn't approve it. 

So in order to give ourselves  a little relaxation time and away from stressful school work, our group of friends went for an afternoon date. 
We celebrated by being kids again. 
A fun full arcade games!!!
It was enjoyable being children and as simple as that,
we really TREASURED the  time together.

Driving in an arcade car was my favorite.
I loved seeing my car stumble and roll over. hahaha.
Hearing my friends shout as she bumps in railings and walls was the best experience that day.
Who wouldn't love the games of the kids?!?!

Hours passed without us noticing it. 
A little merienda before we go home. 
The day has been successful and we have relaxed for a day.

Wishing all teachers in the world to be as happy and as relaxed as I am.
Give a little time for yourself and don't think always of the negatives.
Sometimes you have to forget about your work and think of yourselves. 

Give yourselves a break!!
A relaxation time.
never ever forget to be