Sunday, April 8, 2012

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Facebook Apps - Cityville

We all know that Facebook has rule the social media network in the world wide web. The one reason that make it most popular is the variety of Applications. Who doesn't love to play games? Even I admits that I am an FB Apps addict.. hehehe... One of my favorite facebook application is Farmville and Cityville.

What are the advantages of this applications? One for sure is developing one's creativity. Yes, it does. 100%. Take Cityville for example. In this application, you have to build the city in your creation. It offers different house, lodges, hotels, recreational building and parks, decorations; it even offers casinos and community buildings, and of course it lets the player create and work on a farm.

The player designs and put on all these buildings and houses on his liking. He has to make his city beautiful and livable. In a limited energy, just like a human with limited time, money and body energy, he has to work hard to make it the way it has to be. You have to finished tasks in a given period of time... (all game applications do) just like in the real world.

The player also learned to maximize his time, money and energy to accomplish a satisfactory day. He learned to priorities things.

Many played this game without knowing why the game is so hunting and addicting. They even know the benefits they could get. They were just playing for fun, for spending time. I hope people do realize also that they are not just made to be used to idle time.


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