Saturday, March 4, 2017

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Online Selling

I have been in online selling for quite sometime now. It was fun and of course fulfilling. I started reselling by copying pictures in one of the best korean fashion online store in the Philippines (will not mention site for it is still one of my suppliers). The items are really good and the quality is competitive to the quality you can bought from malls.

Then I started joining groups in facebook. Posting items to the groups really attract customers, but I noticed that whenever I sent them pm's for the price of my items they just said thank you. Few really go through ordering.

I have patiently post and gain some loyal customers. Then lately I found out why most of those who find my items interesting didn't pursue buying... My items are a little bit pricey...

I find some suppliers (with stores from divisoria- 999, 168, 11/88, Dragon8 and other Divisoria malls) are on facebook. My items are available from Divisoria stores (but some are not of the same quality, photos are for inspiration only.)

Still, buying and reselling from these stores was a great move. You just have to be able to select your supplier whose items are really of good if not high quality. This is not impossible. There are lot of stores from divi who sell really competitive items.

So, if you have any interest or curiosity, please do check my facebook page:


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