Monday, February 1, 2010

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coffee and it's effect in our SLEEP

Coffee helps a lot to keep me awake. When I wake up in the morning, my first task is to have coffee – hot and strong. When I was studying during my ‘student years’, I drink coffee whenever I have exams to stay awake late at night while reviewing. Now that I am working, coffee helps me stay fully alert and awake while at work. Even though the caffeine in coffee keeps me alert while I am awake, it doesn't always keep me from falling asleep when you are dead tired. Sometimes I drank several cups of coffee before bed and still fall asleep with no trouble at all. Others can't fall asleep after drinking even one cup of coffee before bedtime.

Although coffee is known for keeping us awake and alert, it can also cause a peaceful state of mind. A peaceful state of mind relaxes us, allowing us to fall asleep. It seems to depend on whether our body wants to fall asleep or stay awake, so sleep still depends on us, our body, and our state of mind. Even the ideas in a person's head seem to be a part of whether you sleep or stay awake. If people want to stay awake, they drink coffee with caffeine. If people do not like the effects of caffeine or if they plan on going to sleep soon, they drink decaffeinated coffee which means there is no or less caffeine in the coffee.

Most people I know said that they don’t drink coffee at night or even in the afternoon because they find it hard to sleep. However, it doesn’t seemed like to be my case. I fall asleep whether I drink or not. And there are also times that even if I didn’t drink coffee, I found it hard to close my eyes.

You, how do you find drinking coffee at night affect your sleep?


ur_gurLNxtdOor said... seems not an effective way for me to stay awake...coz with or without coffee...when i feel sleepy...well...I FEEL SLEEPYYYYY....

and there's nothing you can do bout it...haha :))

Mon said...

Oh I love coffeee. I can't function without it!

thanks for the visit by the way, i hope you can read the poem heheh

svetlana said...

@ur_gurLNxtdOor hehehe i know..what u need is a li'l spanking to wake up..lolz..

@Mon poems :D