Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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free condom..free..it's free :D

It was so early in the morning when i first heard it in the taxi's A.M. band radio. I couldn't believe it at first. I thought it was just a prank, a joke. So I search for it in the internet site and guess what???

It's true!!!

DOH has given free condom last February 14 at the DAngwa Flower Market, the hearts day! Huuwwat????!!!

My reaction was shocked! Really, the Department of Health see Valentines day as a day of SEX?? Maybe people do forget the real meaning of LOVE. Although I admit that the word LOVE this days always carry the word "SEX". To prove love you have to have sex with that person..It's gross and it's not good. Not healthy..But I couldn't really believe that DOH too would consider such thought.

The church do condemn what the DOH has done. It is immoral and vulgar. The bishops said giving customers free condoms for every purchase of flowers would only promote sexual promiscuity especially among young people. It is true..where do you used condom?? do you use it as medicine?? or for food?? Absolutely Not!

Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz said and I quote: "It is vulgar, it is lewd, it is gross. To what extend would they entice young people to be promiscuous? How far are they willing to go in promoting illegitimate carnal relations?"

Dr. Ed Janairo the head of the DOH’s National Center for Disease Prevention and Control, said the condom-giving campaign dubbed “Be My Valentine, Ingat Lagi” was meant to raise awareness for HIV-AIDS prevention and not for family planning. --My God, secretary, what do you think of the people around you?? You're making us for a fool!! Some promiscuous people might like what you have done, or maybe the married couple who wants to make love without creating children may like what you did, But most people might not!!

It is outrageous, it is condemning!! I hope we could still remember the true meaning of love and what we really are celebrating in the day of St. Valentine..*_*

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MinnieRunner said...

I am on the church's side in this matter.