Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Coffee TRiviA

These are some little facts coffee lover - or even not lover but – want to know. I hope you learn something from these :D

• The name coffee comes from the Arabic word qahwah, meaning wine, and not from the town of Kaffa, in Ethiopia (Abyssinia), as many writers have supposed.

• There are twenty-four steps in the "Coffee Process".

• Our knowledge of coffee is about 1,000 years old.

• Coffee was first mentioned in literature by Rhazes, an Arabian physician.

• The use of coffee as a beverage is about 700 years old.

• The most severe punishment for drinking coffee was being sewn into a leather bag and tossed alive into the sea.

Pope Clement VIII was the first to baptize coffee and make it a true Christian beverage.

• "Coffee Smellers" were discharged wounded soldiers employed as spies to "smell out" unlicensed coffee roasting during the coffee monopoly in Germany.

• Goats actually discovered the coffee plant. Their shepherd noticed that they were getting very hyper; therefore, one day, he followed their every move, and found out that they were eating a strange berry that was keeping them awake all day and night.

• Monks used coffee to stay awake and concentrate on what they were doing.

This little facts I have written down here were copied from a blog I have forgotten the site..LOLz..sorry..and thank you..:D *peace*


jenskie said...

mmmmmm!!!! i can already smell the sweet coffee aroma. I love latte!

Bogcess said...

Great infos about coffee! Cheers!

svetlana said...

@jenskie hmmm..i love it barako..:D

@bogcess i'm curious about coffee and i want to learn more about it..i love coffee that's why..:D