Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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Coffee and Heart disease

The health effects of coffee are still being disputed, and many studies have examined the relationship between coffee consumption and certain medical conditions. Some studies have suggested that the consumption of coffee lowers the risk of certain diseases but may have negative effects as well, especially when excessive. Well, if coffee is taken excessively, there is no doubt that negative effect may encounter. Just like the old saying…everything that is excessive or lacked of is bad…everything should be enough. *_* (Am I so defensive?? :D)

Many studies have been conducted concerning the relationship between drinking coffee and heart disease.

Coffee is also associated with the heart disease. Some said that it affects heart beats thus leads to heart disease. So there are studies regarding this issue. And many of the test results were conflicting. Several reports stated that there was no connection between drinking coffee and heart disease. However, there are two studies that reported out that there was a direct connection between drinking coffee and getting heart disease. One of the problems with coffee is that it contains caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant.

The first study started in 1957 and continued into the 1960's. This study took place in Chicago and was called the "Western Electric Study". Scientists surveyed over one thousand men while they drank coffee. The scientists observed that there was less heart disease in men who drank three or less cups of decaffeinated coffee per day. Scientists also noticed that there was more disease in men who drank five cups or more of decaffeinated or moderate caffeine coffee. The heart disease death rate was highest in men who drank more than five cups of regular coffee a day. Regular coffee has caffeine.

The second study, "The Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program", took place in the 1970's. These scientists found a higher occurrence of coffee-drinking among patients who had been hospitalized for heart attacks.

Many people in America have started drinking decaffeinated coffee which means the ninety-seven percent or more of its naturally occurring caffeine has been removed.

Now I know, …. But I loooove coffee.. What should I do? Maybe I should start reducing my coffee intake. Or rather, I should drink the decaffeinated one? Hmmmmm…got me to thinking… :D


jenskie said...

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Anonymous said...

@jen yeah..isnt that the most expensive poof..i mean coffee? LOLz.. i would rather stay with the barako hehehe -svetlana