Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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siMple jOys in siMpLe tHinGs

There are things around us that we just ignore. Simple things that we don't bother to notice. Those are natural things, so common that we never spare even a one double look. But those things might bring joy to some. In little while, in a few moments, in that simple event - one person could smile for a while and forgot in even a single second their trouble, their problems.

This cute little pussy(cat) might not be noticed by some. They may come and go around it without bothering to look at it. But it brings me joy in its simple way. (well, no wonder in that, i love cats. :D )

I was in Ospital ng Makati (OsMak)'s waiting area last February 11, waiting for my sister undergoing a caesarian section. I was worried for my sister. It's been hours since she was admitted in operating room (12:00nn when she was admitted and it was almost 5pm). I don't know how was the operation. We (me and my brother-in-law) were waiting for the call from the operating room when this little pussy(cat) start playing - it is catching some fly. I found it cute when little kittens play. It amaze me. And in that moment i forgot for a little while my disturbing thoughts.

I was so glad for the short disturbance. In its simple way, this kitten helped me and made me glad :-)

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ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

such a cutie PUSSY-cat :))