Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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School Campus Tree Planting - A Narrative Report

    It was given to me two weeks ago to be finished. I haven't taken the time to do so. I don't feel like doing it. Besides, the previous weeks was a busy weeks. A lot of activities has come.
    I was in the mood of thinking what to say and this was my finished product. I hope you like it. It's my Narrative Report about the Tree Planting that we just did in our school. I was the one tasked to do the Narrative Report since no one wants to accept the job.
   Enjoy reading.. Feel free to pattern your work from here. Just don't plagiarize.. ):

     One thing I found out while writing about this Narrative Report - even if everything that you have written came from your own mind and idea, when you check it through plagiarism checker software, there are times that you will find your work to be unoriginal. I know because I have check my work once, and it turns out that my idea and way of talking has similarities from the other works. Maybe we have one or two sentences that are almost the same, but I am 100% sure that every word and every idea on this Report has come from my own bank of words and phrases. But still, to make sure, I have rephrase my work until I am assured that it will turn out to be original.. **Better safe than sorry**


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