Thursday, September 6, 2012

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Guitar Picks Earrings - a Gift from Durango Boots!

     I am so glad I was lucky!! Yes, very lucky!! These three awesome earrings were all gift given to me by Durango Boots.
    Durango carries variety of gorgeous boots for all occassions. They travel on the different U.S. Estates carrying their items.
    They cater to all types of people and to different stages of life. Either you are a man, a woman, or even a kid, they have what you want.

Here are some of their unique styles and collections that I have my heart to:

    I know you'll love them too, don't worry they are still all available on their online store. Just visit here and make your order. They deliver international, ain't that great?!? (^-^)
    The earrings were a gift to all their facebook fans who has responded to their post on their FB page. I am so thankful for being part of it. :)) And they were so generous for sending me three pairs, I was expecting only one pair :D
     This is the first time I received a gift (although I have one more gift that was confirmed earlier, this is the one that came first) after entering so many different fashion giveaways. Though I'm not a fashionista at that.. :)) Just a simple blogger. 
    Thank you Durango!!

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