Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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Candy Color Gradient Leggings - My Choies Giveaway Win!!

    I hope you all love me with this photo. I am not much talented on Photoshop.. But I know a few, basic cutting and pasting :-) (he.he.he)
 Only the location was Photoshopped though, every thing else was original.
    This leggings was a gift from Choies - the number one Street Fashion Sketch. I am so much thankful for this, it fits me very well. But I think the leggings was designed for a slimmer legs (^-^). I have had difficulty wearing them, my legs were so rounded and big, but short. (-.^) And my baby fats were showing, huh?!? 

I admit I have gained some pounds on my center part, but my friends says that I look better with a few additional weight. I hope they're telling me truth, lolz
    Anyways, I just want to Thanks Choies for the leggings because I got them the easiest way for free.. :) No difficulty and then, booooom, it's already knocking on my door!! (^.^)

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