Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Dahlia Fashion Giveaway

     In my years in joining giveaways and contests, I have won and was lucky enough to be included in those winning lists..I haven't posted anything about them yet, but I will, besides it was only recently that I received the items.

     This time, I am crossing my fingers, of my ten fingers ( even include my toes, if necessary) hehehe.. just to have this very awesome dress from Dahlia!!! I would love to have them - both of them- even just the burgundy colored one...

    Dahlia Fashion is a British online clothing store with an outlandish collection. And they are having this giveaway for all their fans and customers.

    Yes Dahlia is so generous as to give it's fans, followers and customers these two dresses that you will surely love. Giveaway is open internationally and winner will be selected by random. More detailed information available HERE.



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