Saturday, September 1, 2012

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Resident Evil: Retribution - Movie Screening Giveaway!!

     Love to watch Movies?!?! Here is your chance of getting two(2) tickets free for the movie "Resident Evil: Retribution" at Newport’s Ultra Cinema!! You, heard it right!! PLDT myDSL together with Nuffnang teamed up to give 30 lucky Nuffnanger's a chance to spoil themselves with this Movie screening of Resident Evil: Retribution in a lazy boy seats + unlimited popcorn and soda!!!
     Do you remember the previous PLDT commercial  of Derek's Video (watch here) for Anna.. Anna did reply to this video...Here is Anna's rejection reply to Derek.

   I have posted Derek's video before but in case you haven't watch it or you forgot the story, or simply you just want to watch it again, here is a clip:
     Anna has been a bit harsh in her reply, and it pains the young heart of Derek. Good thing his family was with him to support him in this tough time. Derek’s family came to the rescue and supported him! What a sweet family. A family everybody wish to have. You are a lucky lad, Derek.
Young Heart Young Love. You can overcome that Derek!. There are a lot more Anna's out there.. You are a sweet man. Just be always yourself and keep that sweetness in you. A lot of girls will always be waiting for you to find them and notice them.. :) Maybe Anna is not yet ready to love you back, she too, is still young. You could still wait few more years.. :)

    Anyways, if any readers out there are interested to be Derek's next Anna, you are very much welcome. Here's how you can be Anna.
2. Submit a video entry telling Derek on why you should be new Anna!
   That's it. If you are lucky you could be part of the next PLDT myDSL commercial and...... you can take home a Samsung Ultrabook!!! There's a catch to this though, for you to be Anna, you should be a girl of 12 and not older than 16 years of age. Too bad I don't belong to that range.. :) ***GOODLUCK***

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