Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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chrismas extravaganza!!!

It's christmas time!!! Merry christmas everyone! Well,
what have I done during the christmas week? Nothing much. I worked, and worked
and worked. We are loaded with work this month. Good thing we still have atleast
one day for preparation, December 24, but work still called upon us to render
that day working in the office. But then, since I'm a very "loyal", very
"devoted", and very "good" employee, I'm not reporting to work that day! My
parents came to our boarding house December 23, 9:00 p.m. and I'm not wasting a
day at work and letting my parents mind their life while in vacation here in
Manila. I asked them to come, and they did, why spoil it by working overtime?

This is also a very busy, and very exciting month. For the past few weeks, we
have been giving gifts and tokens, been to mall in late hours, sight seeing for
different christmas decors and been busy looking for a good personal gifts.

Here are some of the pictures I want to share with you all. Pictures that I will
remember always. Moments I will treasure and small gifts that I value.

a. Rustan's decor - how I just loved it. very beautiful!

So cute and so elegant

b. Christmas trees and santa claus - I love
christmas trees. I love to see the lights and its design. Although worked has
deprived us to look around and sight see some big christmas trees, I managed to
see few, and picture with Santa is taken earlier this month.

glorietta's christmas tree..spend some late nights just
to see it..well, it's worth it.awesome!

 our very own 3 feet christmas tree! Trivia?? -- 'tis the very first time in 10 years of stay here in the city that we have x-mas tree!!
c. The Gifts I have received so far.. tokens that I
will always cherish

The naughty piglet from ara.. sexy huh??!!

 from Jenny..multipurpose duckling..cuuuutttee....

others are from me-ann..2 personalized blank cd. I already used 1
:)) ; a gift for myself - tattoo prepaid internet;
from ms. mitch a li'l rabbit.. a black pouch from Florie M....

I cherish and am thankful for evrything i have receive including those that are not listed. It has
been a very good holiday. I enjoyed it. Looking forward for 2010!

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