Sunday, January 24, 2010

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eArly sUmMer gEtaWay

     When was the last time have you seen the rainbow? I couldn’t remember when except just this morning. It always amazes me seeing GOD’s creation, GOD’s promise of hope. Hope that everything after bad things—after storm—things will gonna be alright.

     I am coughing terribly for a few days, since last Wednesday I think. So when my cousin asked me to join her family to go to the sea I said yes immediately. Although the weather is not good for swimming, I never hesitate to agree. I’d like to smell some fresh sea air. And exercise my lungs and my breathing.
 So after my shift at work (which is 6:00 a.m.), without sleep we go to Cavite to enjoy the sun, the cold weather and the sea water.*_*
     On Saturday I was so busy preparing food and I slept the afternoon so I missed the cold water. By early morning of the Sunday, I rise early, walked on the shore and breath cold air. It is so refreshing and the water so calm. The sun is yet so shy to shine. It was a little damp. Few raindrops fell. But by 9:00 the weather is good to take a swim. But I didn’t grab the opportunity. I was sooo amazed by what appeared in front of me..A FULL COLORFUL RAINBOW!! WITH BOTH ENDS IN THE SEA... It was so bright you can never miss it!


cavite sea
     It just too bad I can’t get a picture of the full rainbow, I was too near to it and I can’t find a good position a little further.

     It was so amazing that I was mesmerized. It stayed atleast for about five minutes and by the time it disappeared, It was time to go to market, so we take the boat and we go to the place called “julugan” where the fishes fresh from fishermen where deposited for market.

    Hold on, hold on...don’t go looking out for me..I’m holding the camera..LOLz….

So there we go..

     After lunch was heaven...with full tummy, we enjoyed the sea..the sun is so proud but it cannot control the sea..the water is freezing cold..but it was worth it. While enjoying the water, some birds want to share the carefree time we had. They were still looking for lunch so we let them.. While at rest for a few moments, the birds take that time to go hunting..

sea bird
     I’m not a professional so please forgive my photography… :)
But if you can see those two little birds, you are lucky to share this enchanted moment I’m experiencing.. :D

     The rainbow, the kingfisher, and the moment I had was enough to enjoy the weekend (even without voice). Now I’m back to the city and I’m speaking in a whisper or suffer my gruff voice. My throat is aching but my eyes and my heart rejoiced.


ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

Whoa! nice view ^_^ especially the rainbow...its been quite a long time since I saw one...if I’m not mistaken, I was still in my elementary days then, when I last saw a rainbow. Imagine it’s been like almost 2 decades...haha :)) Miss the rainbow already and also the sunset…I love watching sunset near the seashore…miss the province a lot…but not the people there (you know why… hehe ^_^ )

Hope you had fun there ^_^…and don’t forget my PASALUBONG tonight...hehe :))

svetlana said...

nyahahaha..ano gusto u bato o buhangin? yeah i also missed seeing rainbows, sunset and sunrise...that's why i'm so awestruct seeing this one..:D