Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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ME 'n the FLOWER


It looked fresh though its not a real one
Its pretty though its just an imitation
It is lovely, meaningful and attractive
But it is just a flower, a plastic flower;

A flower that is starting to bloom
fresh, combined with a color of purple and white,
distinguishes a double personality
Mixed it the natures color: green
and a long thin stem
a long road for human in comparison.

from afar it looks as if its full of petals
but don't you look any closer
for you can be disappointed,
Because closer you get you will discover
only few petals are there - thin and small.

The flower may deceive you afar
You may think she got everything - full and in bloom
But closer she is shallow, thin and fragile.

Me and the flower can be the same,
tough may be outside,
but don't be fooled
look closer and you may find.


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