Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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2nd kris kringle!!!

our gifts

     It's our final kris kringle for this year..actually we only had two kris kringle moments..but i had fun. I love what I got from my friends and I love being with them. This time there are five of us who joined the kris kringle (me,ruby,ara,jen &mean). Our theme is something worth remembering. Nice theme serious and emotional (emotional???*LOL*), especially our first is naughty stuffs, this time is a very opposite of that. I picked out Ara as the one to be given something worth remembering. I had given her a small box wherein you can store accessories or used as notepad holder. I don't know if she liked it, but I hope she do. Ara picked out Mean and she gave her a small pillow. I haven't seen it since Mean went home early and she's on the first shift. Mean gave me a blank, personalized cd. I liked it, though not my best picture (since she put my face on the c.d.) I love it because she included dudzki (my on the print. She left it blank for me to choose what songs to put into it. Jen and Ruby exchanges gift, Ruby got a unique, ahhmm, puzzle style calendar, its sooo cute, the color is perfect! (dark brown, light brown and white). Ruby gave Jen a pen holder with message. Everything is really worth remembering. But what's really worth remembering is the memories of it. The fun we had. This is a really good year ending for me. Hoping the best for the next coming years.

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