Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Different Side of the World + Giveaway Winner

    Sometimes I wonder what's happening to the other side of the world. I have never left the country for any reason and I went on thinking what could be the difference if I am in other countries such as United States of America or Canada, or even Australia? Hmmm... Never know when I could be there and experience what they could offer. (^-^)

   Rain has started showering us in the late afternoon for the last two weeks or so, thus indicating that Summer is coming to an end and Rainy season is just starting. But did you know that the Blogosphere says "Summer is Coming!!".  Wow, ain't it crazy?!?
    Anyways, yes it's true, to the other side of equator,  summer has just begun. And I am here guys, sharing with you  Romwe Memorial Day Sale!!. But don't worry guys, Romwe Sale is open world wide, so whichever side of the globe you are, you can use 20%off on your favorite item !! Hurry! Selected items are on sale starting on May 25 and ends on May 27, 2013.

    Let us style some of the on-sale outfit....
Romwe Memorial Sale corporate me


  Monthly Giveaway winner for May Here.
June Giveaway coming up. :) 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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Womanist is to Feminist as Purple is to Lavender

yEy!! First blog collaboration on my simple page!!! Thank you for the opportunity PERSUN MALL!!! 

First let me share with you guys about my sponsor. is an international online store offering a fashion-forward items includin bags, shoes, jewelries, accessories and apparels. PERSUN has a huge collection of apparels from different styles. You can find in their website dresses of ladies for different occasion such as Prom, Weddings, Cocktail Parties, etc, etc..

One dress collection of PERSUN that I really love is the "Purple Prom Dresses". Purple has been a favorite color of many ladies today. I wish I have fairer skin and slimmer body built but, I think it will only be a wishful thinking.. hehehe..

If I can only turn back time, I will return to the days when I was in High School and I will surely attend to the Prom night and select one of PERSUN's Dresses. I already selected few already.. lol..

Among Persunmall purple dresses collection, my favorite  is the simple and very elegant "Sexy A-line Halter Sleeveless Satin Short Prom Dress". It's not so dressy and not intimidating, but very girly and fashionable. The dress simply defines feminine and shows innocence. It is best for prom nights. School girls would love just having them. Fair skin will be emphasize. I would love to wear it together with a lovely stiletto or a criss-cross sandals.

I know, I know.... the dress does not fit my age I think, but there are a lot more in persunmall. You can select your own... :)


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Say Goodbye to the Summer Heat!! + Romwe Flash Sale

     For the past three month we have enjoyed the sun, the sea and of course, the "vacation". And in the past few days the cloud started getting darker, the temperature getting humid and few drops of rain started falling down. It seems that summer has really coming to its end and rainy season is about to start.
     When rain started falling down we know that schools are just a few days ahead. And fashion changed from summer outfit to rainy clothes. And most stores are having "End of the Season Sales" or sometimes "Back-to-School Year Sale".
       As malls and boutiques are busy with their "end of the season sale" and "back to school sales" same is happening to Online stores. And while we speak about sales, one of my favorite online store is having a "flash sale for only 72 hours"!! has been catering fashionable clothing lines specializing in leggings. Anyways before I share with you ROMWE's Flash Sale here are my few favorite items from their website... Enjoy and don't be shy to share your opinions about them on our comment section...
These were only few of my favorites. You can check and find your own favorite in their website as you go through the Flash Sale Romwe is having.
    Up to 80% OFF! on 200+ styles! Limited supply only! There is no restocking once sold out! So Hurry, Grab one now!! Only good for 3 days!!! Flash Sale starts on May 21 and ends on May 23, 2013...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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I did my Part, Did you? + Oasap's Monthly GIVEAWAY for MAY!

Hello! Guys,
Been awhile. I am back now after few days of blogging absent lolz.

Today May 13, 2013 is another eventful day for all of us Filipinos. We have our midterm elections. And yes I've done my part. I have chosen the candidates that I think best fit in the position they are running. I voted 12 senators, 1 governor + vice, 1 representative, 1 board member, a Mayor and vice, and 8 councilors. Yes I have completed them, and of course, never forget the Party List. I voted wisely and I came to my precinct prepared. I hope you do too.

 Anyways, in this coming back, I have surprise for you guys! Because today I have my very first, Sponsored INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY! all in courtesy of non other than,
Look at this awesome prizes!!
The winner will be allowed to choose one of the following pieces:

      1. Candy Color Skater Skirt
      2. Elegant Mini Skirt with Chiffon Overlay
      3. Shining Galaxy Print Leggings
      4. Sweet Floppy Hat with Floral Embellishment
      5. Eiffel Tower Print Short Sleeves T-shirt
      6. Cute Pink Panther Print Short Sleeve T-shirt
      7. Sleeveless Round Neck Crocheted Lace Vest
      8. Fashion Sleeveless Chiffon Dress with Asymmetric hem

To enter:

1. Enter the rafflecopter below and follow the steps.

2. Mandatory fields should be done in order for your entries to count. Skipping mandatory fields will forfeit all your entries.

3. Each field has a corresponding "Entry" points. The more points you get the bigger chance you win!

4. Entries will be validated before a winner is declared! This is an INTERNATIONAL Giveaway!

5.  Question? email:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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Fun Day at Borzner's

borzner resort
     Actually this is our third destination after Minalungao Adventure. A whole day in a pool with friends!

    I like most here is that there are four (4) pools to choose from. And the day that we have selected to visit is not family day, so only few visitors were there. Since this is a public pool and very cheap, we expected many people to be with us. Thanks God there are only about 5 - 7 group who visited that day.

    Borzner's Events Place and Resort is located at Sta. Ines, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija. Only about 10 minutes away from home. They have four pools as mentioned above. One olympic size pool which we have enjoyed. It ranges from 3 to 6 feet high. 1 pool for kids, ages 1-5 just beside the olympic size. Another two on the higher part of the area. They are both small pool, just like a family pools. Height maybe 3-4 feet only. Those two small pools I really enjoyed because I can not swim to a deeper water, lol eh?!?

    Another thing that I love about the area is their "kubo" cottages. I love them. And those were just exactly what I am wanting as my house. They have large cottages for corporate or company outings too.

    Cheapest cottage that they have only worth P300.00 best fit for barkada outings, just like us. They already have tables and chairs and they have what we call "banggera" to put our food and other "baon" so the table can be saved for eating purposes only.

    Borzner's also offer free use of grills for ihaw-ihaw (roasting) which was always part of a swimming party for most Filipinos.

   As much as I have loved the place, there is one thing that I noticed and that I didn't like. The receptionist, the girl to whom we pay our entrance fee didn't even put a smile (even a fake one) on her face. She didn't know how to welcome a guest. Shouldn't she be friendly and approachable?

    Huh, good thing we are not in the bad mood that day, we didn't pay any attention to her. We just enjoyed the bonding moment with my husband and my friends.

    I will surely come back.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Chicken Red Adobo Recipe

It is my father's recipe and I loooove it.. :)


1kl Chicken
1 pack tomato sauce
1 cup soy sauce
7-10 pcs. calamansi
black pepper
laurel leaves
3 whole onion - sliced
garlic - diced
8 oz. sprite 


1. Mix all ingredients.
2. Adjust ingredients quantity depending to your taste.
3. Marinate for about 30 minutes.
4. Put into a pan and boil until  chicken meat is cooked. Add some water if needed.
5. Continue cooking until sauce is sticky. But if you prefer one with sauce you can remove the pan from heat once chicken is cooked.
6. Serve hot.