Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Different Side of the World + Giveaway Winner

    Sometimes I wonder what's happening to the other side of the world. I have never left the country for any reason and I went on thinking what could be the difference if I am in other countries such as United States of America or Canada, or even Australia? Hmmm... Never know when I could be there and experience what they could offer. (^-^)

   Rain has started showering us in the late afternoon for the last two weeks or so, thus indicating that Summer is coming to an end and Rainy season is just starting. But did you know that the Blogosphere says "Summer is Coming!!".  Wow, ain't it crazy?!?
    Anyways, yes it's true, to the other side of equator,  summer has just begun. And I am here guys, sharing with you  Romwe Memorial Day Sale!!. But don't worry guys, Romwe Sale is open world wide, so whichever side of the globe you are, you can use 20%off on your favorite item !! Hurry! Selected items are on sale starting on May 25 and ends on May 27, 2013.

    Let us style some of the on-sale outfit....
Romwe Memorial Sale corporate me


  Monthly Giveaway winner for May Here.
June Giveaway coming up. :) 

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