Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Say Goodbye to the Summer Heat!! + Romwe Flash Sale

     For the past three month we have enjoyed the sun, the sea and of course, the "vacation". And in the past few days the cloud started getting darker, the temperature getting humid and few drops of rain started falling down. It seems that summer has really coming to its end and rainy season is about to start.
     When rain started falling down we know that schools are just a few days ahead. And fashion changed from summer outfit to rainy clothes. And most stores are having "End of the Season Sales" or sometimes "Back-to-School Year Sale".
       As malls and boutiques are busy with their "end of the season sale" and "back to school sales" same is happening to Online stores. And while we speak about sales, one of my favorite online store is having a "flash sale for only 72 hours"!!
    Romwe.com has been catering fashionable clothing lines specializing in leggings. Anyways before I share with you ROMWE's Flash Sale here are my few favorite items from their website... Enjoy and don't be shy to share your opinions about them on our comment section...
These were only few of my favorites. You can check and find your own favorite in their website as you go through the Flash Sale Romwe is having.
    Up to 80% OFF! on 200+ styles! Limited supply only! There is no restocking once sold out! So Hurry, Grab one now!! Only good for 3 days!!! Flash Sale starts on May 21 and ends on May 23, 2013...

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