Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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Fun Day at Borzner's

borzner resort
     Actually this is our third destination after Minalungao Adventure. A whole day in a pool with friends!

    I like most here is that there are four (4) pools to choose from. And the day that we have selected to visit is not family day, so only few visitors were there. Since this is a public pool and very cheap, we expected many people to be with us. Thanks God there are only about 5 - 7 group who visited that day.

    Borzner's Events Place and Resort is located at Sta. Ines, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija. Only about 10 minutes away from home. They have four pools as mentioned above. One olympic size pool which we have enjoyed. It ranges from 3 to 6 feet high. 1 pool for kids, ages 1-5 just beside the olympic size. Another two on the higher part of the area. They are both small pool, just like a family pools. Height maybe 3-4 feet only. Those two small pools I really enjoyed because I can not swim to a deeper water, lol eh?!?

    Another thing that I love about the area is their "kubo" cottages. I love them. And those were just exactly what I am wanting as my house. They have large cottages for corporate or company outings too.

    Cheapest cottage that they have only worth P300.00 best fit for barkada outings, just like us. They already have tables and chairs and they have what we call "banggera" to put our food and other "baon" so the table can be saved for eating purposes only.

    Borzner's also offer free use of grills for ihaw-ihaw (roasting) which was always part of a swimming party for most Filipinos.

   As much as I have loved the place, there is one thing that I noticed and that I didn't like. The receptionist, the girl to whom we pay our entrance fee didn't even put a smile (even a fake one) on her face. She didn't know how to welcome a guest. Shouldn't she be friendly and approachable?

    Huh, good thing we are not in the bad mood that day, we didn't pay any attention to her. We just enjoyed the bonding moment with my husband and my friends.

    I will surely come back.


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