Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Which do you think is better. Mineral/bottled water or fresh spring water?

Even a kid of two already knows that water is a very essential part of human life. It is second to the most important needs of our body next to air.

We are surrounded by water. Earth is composed of a large body of water.
But the question is "Can we drink any kind of water?" Of course, you are right. We can't. We can not drink salt water. We can not drink rain water. We can not drink dirty waters.

Pollution is our one BIG problem. The small amount of fresh drinking water became polluted making drinkable water lesser. That's why we find solution to the problem. And the solution? Bottled water, purified water, mineral water, etc., etc.

I learned drinking purified water when I reach the age of 17. From my birth 'til that age I was drinking fresh spring water. 

I think fresh spring water is tastier than purified one. But with the pollution today, I don't think it is still safe to drink spring waters. 

But in our spring, I am still confident that it is still safe. Our place is far from the road. Far from the noise and smoke of cars. It is still very hidden.

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