Friday, June 24, 2011

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This is my first sighting of it... beautiful but dangerous

I came home around three in the afternoon on Wednesday last week when I heard a neighbor calling my husband and saying there is a twister.
My husband went outside to see for himself. I ignore it, besides I don't know what he means by a 'twister'. I continued on eating my lunch. But then I heard some commotion. There were people outside the house. Not only my husband and the man who called him but more. So I investigate. I went outside and I saw that my neighbors were all outside and looking up and pointing on something.

I did just what they were doing. I looked up.

And this was what I saw.

I was mesmerized. Really. It was soooo beautiful. But then it hit me. This is a whirlwind. It may be beautiful, but thinking the danger it brings makes me so nervous. It is in our place. What if it goes down in our place? What will I do? I read and heard tips in safety precautions and safety  tips in case of fire, earthquake, typhoon and other calamity. But I have no idea about whirlwinds, tornadoes and the likes. I felt afraid, not only for me and my family, but I felt afraid about those that will be affected if it goes down. Wherever it drops, for sure there will be casualties.

So imagine my relief when it slowly disappears before my eyes and up ahead. I am amazed about its beauty and very thankful that it didn't fall down.

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