Friday, June 24, 2011

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Exotic Food, I missed it.

Do you love exotic food? I do.

I grew up in a very rural area. During my childhood what you call exotic foods are just ordinary food to us. We don't understand the word exotic. We eat what is edible. No second thoughts. We don't ask if others eat it. We don't ask if it's exotic or is it ordinary.

When I came to city I discovered that what I enjoyed eating is exotic and most people can't take it. That food we get from our backyard is highly priced in the city.

In my early years, I have eaten snake meat, alligator, wild cat, etc. And one of my favorite the snail.
 It is a very tasty snail. I love it with coconut milk. There is nothing to worry about this food. It is feed on decaying leaves.

Many may not like this if they see the snail physically. But if you taste it without knowing what it is, I am sure they would love it. And lately I learned that is snail is served in some fine dining restaurant and costly.

So I am proud that what rich people eat in their fine dining restaurants, I have eaten free of charge and in large

Commoners or ordinary people are more blessed then richer ones when it comes to food. We, commoners, can eat what elite people have eaten, but elite people cannot eat what we have eaten.

So we should be proud of what we are. (-.-)

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