Sunday, June 19, 2011

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A Tribute to a father

It is a very special day........

June 19 - Jose Rizal's birthday. A Philippines National Hero. A father - if not physically - then intellectually, to all of the Filipino's.

It is also our First Year Wedding Anniversary!!! Yippey! We have been through a year. (akalain mo??) We will celebrate the day by going to church to attend a mass and say thank you to the God the Father. Then we will cook a little feast for our family. Just a merienda.

And what's the third and the biggest of all? This is the day for all the father's out there!! Legally nor illegally. (^.-)

So I dedicate this simple page for all the fathers out there. For every father in the world that could read this. I dedicate this page to the father of my friends, enemies, colleagues, family, and to my husbands father and to my beloved father.

I want to give a big, big thanks to the father of my friends. If not because of you I would not meet such good friends as your sons and daughters. I enjoy my living in this world because of those good friends around me who love and supports me. Because of you, there are people like my friends to meet spend a life with. I cherish all of those days.

I would like to say thank you, too, to the father of my enemies (if there are any). Without your sons and daughters I will not grow as a person. I will not discover my weakness and my strengths. Without them I will not know who my friends are. Because of them, I distinguish the difference between good friends and bad ones. So a big thank you to all of you.

I would extend my thanks to the father of my colleagues. Without you, I will not meet my colleagues that makes my job/work easier and enjoyable. Because of them I still go to work and look forward to working again the next day. My colleagues became my friends or enemies. So I thank you.

Thanks also to the fathers that surrounds my family. My cousins, uncles, and brothers that are now a father, thank you!

Thank you to "tatay", my husbands father. I now enjoy everyday of my life with my beloved because of you. Thank you for raising him to be a good man. 

Best of all, a gigantous thanks to my beloved father. I enjoy every day in this world because of you. I enjoy the beauty of the flowers, the soft breeze of the wind, the hum of the birds and the noises of the cars because of you. Thank you for raising me to be a better person. And for understanding me for every failure I made. I am so grateful and so thankful that you are my father. I love you Pa. Have a long life and take care of yourself.....HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!
(simple moment with dad)

To all of the father out there.......

(please be a good father :D)


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