Sunday, October 24, 2010

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Willie Revillame's back on TV at Willing Willie!!

The most watch, very popular and very, very controversial TV Host Willie Revillame is back on TV.

Revillame's newest program on TV5 "Willing Willie" has been a success, at least I think. The first airing of the show yesterday at 6:30pm October 23, 2010 on TV5 is most awaited by his loyal fans. After all the controversies and all of the issues Willie faced for the past months, he is now back on screen in front of camera with a lot of fans.

Revillame is ousted from his long time mother network ABS-CBN after some
controversy. The root is still not clear of who really violates the contract
between ABS-CBN and Revillame. But after a few months (five months or more I
think) Willie is back again to give joy and prices to the people. Die-hard fans
(excluded me :D ) is so happy to learn that they can watch him again and laugh
with him. And while watching the show, I noticed that he brought with him some of the his staff and crews in previous show on ABS-CBN.

It sure is a long-show. A major comeback! Three hours of showing everyday?
(But Willie promised to make the three hour run to be fun-filled and entertaining. Saturday isn't a rest day even. Because the host announced during his speech that the show will be airing during Saturday at different timeslot (5:00pm-7:00pm)
It is nice to hear that such a talented host could always stand up after every
slip in life. I just wonder is he ever learns from his past mistakes. It is not the first time Willie lost a show because of his deeds and attitude, will he be able to hold on to this new project?? Well, let's watch and see..^_^

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MinnieRunner said...

I'm not really a fan of him...