Thursday, October 14, 2010

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The joys of a child

Who doesn't miss being a kid? I know I do.

As a kid you have nothing to think about but play, eat and play and eat. Your parents are always their in times of your needs and troubles. When you think something came up that you can't handle by yourself, you only have to do is run to mom and dad, or any older siblings.

 Now that I am older, and problems are bigger, I know I cannot run to mom and dad, or sister or brother in times of trouble. I know I have to handle them myself. 

Seeing my nieces and nephews nowadays do let me remember my happy childhood. The innocence, the beauty of life, the joy. And looking at them smile, who wouldn't smile too?
They have the most innocent smile that brings me joy. That's Zoe, my godchild and niece.

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