Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Dengue - Simple Truths and Facts

Truths and Facts about Dengue

- Dengue is a disease caused by Aedes aegypti virus carrying mosquitos. They are striped body and day biting mosquitos that lay eggs in the clean, stagnant waters. Old mosquitoes when they leave the water stays in dark corners.

- Dengue fever is usually characterized by fever, rash, headaches and joint and body pains. Other symptoms of dengue fever is weakness, swollen glands and sometimes pain around the eyes.

- Since Dengue fever is caused by virus, there is no specific medicine or treatment to it. The only treatment given to the victims is relief of the symptoms not really cure of illness.

- Acute phase of illness usually lasts one to two weeks of fever and myalgias.

- Dengue fever affects not only infants and young children, but as well as adults.

- Prevention of the illness is still first cure. Cleanliness of surroundings is imperative.

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