Monday, November 8, 2010

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Shalani Goes Showbiz

I love watching willing willie today. Even though it's not my choice of show I watch it. Curious knowing who would be Willy Revillame's will be co-host.

TV5 isn't that very good in keeping a suspense. In keeping their audience hold on to their surprise. They are advertising that Willy will be introducing his co-host in tonight's episode but they spoiled the thrill by telling giving in the surprise at their afternoon news. And yes, the surprise co-host is non-other than Shalani Soledad. The very pretty, very quiet and a real lady PNoy's ex-girlfriend.

The very controbersial presidential girlfriend is now officially entering showbiz. Wellcome to the chaos-full world of showbiz Shalani! The first day is a success, I think. Though she hasn't the energy of an entertainment host, the excited voice and personality, she did tried the best and be herself (soft voice and very calm). I think that's okay, she will develop in a long term. Soon she will be a vibrant, as talkative and as lively as POOKEE (Pokwang).

We will see more of her in the coming days. I will follow her development in hosting for sure. ^_^

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