Monday, October 11, 2010

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Dengue Prevention and Treatment

In every disease, mild to fatal, prevention is still best rather than cure. The same goes for dengue. So here are some tips to prevent from being a victim:

Dengue Prevention and Control

Prevention is better than cure. It is an old saying that never goes old. Health concerns are very important. If we can prevent getting sick why not do it? Medicine is expensive, so is hospitalization. So to avoid it I'm giving a few tips to prevent us from becoming a dengue victims.

1. Always observed cleanliness both inside and outside of our home.
2. Cover water drums and pails all times so that mosquitoes cannot breed on them.
3. If you have a flower vaces in you home or work area, always replace their water at least once a week.
4. Clear your house of tin cars, jars and bottles that can collect and hold waters if they are not used.
5. Clean gutters and dark corners of your house, old mosquitoes stays their after leaving the waters.
6. There is no vaccine available to dengue but we can try to prevent it by using mosquito repellant sprays that contain DEET.

In the event that the mosquito still make it to bite you with all those preventions you make, here are some tips to treat them the illness.

Treatment for Dengue Fever 
There is no known vaccine for the dengue fever. Since this fever is caused by a virus, there is no specific medicine or antibiotic for its treatment. 

1. Lots of fluid intake and total rest would be very helpful.

2. Do not take any regular fever medicine without the doctor's supervision. It may worsen the situation and may cuase hemorrhagic complications.

3. Tylenol and codeine can be taken for severe headache and joint and muscle pains. But like alreay said above, better if with doctor's consent.

4. Dengue haemorrhagic fever such as vomiting, bleeding, high fever and severe abdominal pain is a lethal complication mostly affects childrens. Blood transfusion is often recommended to replace the virus infected blood in the body.

5. In case of appearance of any of it's symptoms, call or visit a physician immediately.

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