Thursday, May 13, 2010

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local makati official named!

It is just one night after the election day, and yet local official winners are already named!

Wow, look at that. In the previous elections we have had, it takes weeks before a winner in the election was named. It takes weeks before each and every ballot was counted.

This year, we have our first automated election, wherein a machine counts the votes electronically. It lessen the burden for the board of election inspectors, election officers and watchers. They don't have to sacrifice days and days before a ballot was passed to the commission on election or even before it was counted.

This time however, twenty-four hours after the election, we already have our winner for local official and at least 90% for the national candidates were counted.

One of the first cities who declare a winner here in NCR is our city - Makati City. We have a tight fight here for mayoral position. Ernesto "Nestor" Mercado - an incumbent vice mayor and long time running mate of vice presidential candidate JoJo Binay; Jojo Binay's son - Jejomar Erwin "JonJon" Binay; and Attorney Erwin "Win" Genuino (who was a rival of Abigail Binay for congressman position in 2007 election). Although we have five candidates for mayoral position, only these three are on the tight fight.

People in Makati were also divided among them. Even in our family - me and two of my sibling sisters who are also a registered voter here in Makati have different bets among them. (though it was only me who chose differently, both of my siblings chose the same person..
(-.-), but they lost and I won! lOlz (^_^)

It was so new and amazing, most people are amazed by how fast our election today is. We are so used to the old times, waiting for the result, but today, you don't even have to fear about the treats (though in some places on urban areas still have some security problems, in general it was a good and safe election).

Here are the elected officials for the city of Makati:

Mayor - Jejomar Erwin "Jun Jun" Binay, Jr
Vice Mayor - Romulo "Kid" Peña
1st district congressman -Monique Lagdameo
2nd district congressman - Abigail Binay


Rocks said...

My husband voted for Binay also :)

melody said...

yeah ang bilis talaga lumabas ng mga results...less than 24 hours may na-proclaim na sa local officials.

svetlana said...

@rocks talaga.. hhehe malalim n roots ni binay..hehehe

@melody uu nga.. nakakapanibago noh?