Thursday, May 20, 2010

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along the paradise

Paradise Philippines!! That's how I see our beloved country. Finger-licking foods, very hospitable people, two fun-loving season (summer and rainy), and of course very awesome, very beautiful
places to travel.

I know most of us are well aware of the beautiful places in the Philippines. We are well-informed about them because we love to travel to those places. But  do you know that there are
tourist spot places that are not so developed and considered as poor?

Although most of the poorest provinces in the Philippines are in Mindanao area, I still felt a little bit sad to learn that one of the listed provinces is in Bicol (well, I came from Bicol, though not Masbate).

The ten poorest provinces (in order of poverty incidence) are 

1. Tawi-Tawi, 

2. Zamboanga del Norte, 

3. Maguindanao, 

4. Apayao, 

5. Surigao del Norte, 

6. Lanao del Sur, 

7. Northern Samar, 

8. Masbate,

9. Abra and

10 Misamis Occidental.

 If you noticed most pictures are of water, well, I love water even if I'm not a good swimmer. Water gives me peace and calms my soul.

These poorest provinces result was conducted by NSCB in 2006. So does your province in the list? How does it feel? Isn't it sad to hear that your province belong to the poorest provinces in
the country? I feared that our province would be included in the top ten poorest provinces, hah, imagine my relief to learn that despite the lack of opportunities, the lack of employment and agricultural development, we still beat some of them, that we still crawl our way up. Higher than these ten. But not to be too negative, I believe these places also holds so many tourist spot
places, specially the Surigao del Norte - the surfing capital of the Philippines - isn't that a boast? Something to be proud of?!

They may be poor, but they have something that richier provinces envied..right?


MinnieRunner said...

I hope our government will look at these provinces closely. They really have much to offer. Love the pictures. Indeed, they are paradise.

melody said...

im grateful cebue is not include but eventhough they are poor still they are rich in natural wonders..nice pics

oempak said...

wish I was there :) what a beautiful place