Thursday, May 6, 2010

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2010 automated national election

a few days only left and its a big day. we will choose our leader, our President, but the question is.. are we ready?

It will be a very different voting. It is different from the traditional voting since we are using the automated voting machine for our national election. What is the assurance that this machines are accurate? What are our assurance that our vote will be counted fairly and that it wouldn't be in vain?

Most of the machine are tested ... and yet most of the machine also encountered malfunction. Although the COMELEC (commission on election) assured us that they will change every machine that dysfunction, we are not sure they can everything on time.

If the agencies responsible for the preparation for the country's big day are not yet 100% ready, are the voters the same? Have they chosen their best bet? Are their list complete?

Truth be told, me myself isn't ready yet, there are still a lot of gaps in my list. But I will make sure that by the time May 10, 2010 election arrive, my list will be complete.. (^_^)

I hope you too.. and i hope everything will be okay, and that the machine will be reliable enough..

Choose wisely and pray for peaceful election and for our nations' future.. *_*

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melody said...

2 days to go election nah.