Sunday, May 9, 2010

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happy mothers' day!!!

To the person i owe my life to - next to God. The person who sacrifice part of her life, who carried me for almost a year, who fed me and take care of me. The woman who is most responsible for whom I become. The most contributor to my development. I owe her everything I am now.

I thank the Lord for her. I am very grateful for her. I am very indebted and very much thankful because God choose her to be the woman I would cherish. To the most wonderful woman - I thank you - mama. You are my inspiration and my motivator. Your sacrifices are very much appreciated.

This mother's day, I would always remember you for everything you did and for everything you still do. And I wish you would have a long life. That we will still be together for long. I love you 'ma. May God Bless you with God Health and Longer Happy Life.

This post is also for every woman, every mother out there. 'You' are the gift of God. You are blessed and you may stay always be blessed.

Happy mothers' Day! I cherish you and may God Bless You

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ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

belated happy mother's day to your mom bhe :) ouy, lake braso mo dito, ah..hehe :p