Thursday, October 25, 2012

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What's in my Mail?

     Yay, I was afraid that it got lost in the post.. lolz.. Do you remember the CHOIES SCARF and GOLD AUTUMN Giveaway? Well, those were just some of their awesome giveaway. And guess what? I did won in both of them. :)
red painting scarf
choies package
     But it was months ago since that giveaway. I already thought that those items got lost in the post. And to top it all, the shipment was interrupted with China's Holiday where the items will came from. And upon checking the tracking, learned that  the packaged arrive in our country (Philippines) last October 5 but a week has past and no package arrived, no text from the post, either. So when two weeks has passed without update about the package, I personally went to the local post to check.
choies products

Good thing that I did went, it was already there and the postage says that it reached our Province last October 9 and our city on October 16. And it's already the 25th of month and they didn't advice or send the package in our home though we are only a five(5) minute ride from the post office. I did mention it to my colleague and I learned that our local post is really like that.. (they ignore whatever package they have) they rarely send you your package, mail or any other sort of things that is sent through the post. Sad, but that is the reality. 

rhinestone skull ringrhinestone skull ring

     Anyways, though it took more than a month before it came to my hands, I am still thankful that it did reach me. And I am double greatful because all the items were so beautiful. I love the rings (Skull ring and the simple cross ring) and the scarf is so soft and so beautiful. I already tried wearing it and wrapping it around me. Trying to wear it not as scarf but as a dress, and it is so pretty. The scarf is prettier when worn (especially the color) than it is when folded. Much livelier actually.
vintage owl necklacegolden simple cross ring

      I was surprised with the vintage owl necklace though. It was not part of the giveaway. But then again, I think it is a privilege, a freebie. And I am thankful.


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