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"the Mistress" - Movie Review

     I had a very memorable and very wonderful weekend getaway with my sister. That was last September 29 and 30. First, I went to Malabon just to attend my friends' wedding. As usual, I am late.. nothing new :D But I did came and I have had great time with her. Besides, we've been friends way back when we were in first year high school. And after 11 years, we meet again..and just like those past years that we were together, it seems that we never parted.
     After the wedding, I have had time with my sister. Our youngest sibling. She text me and ask me if I would like to watch the movie "The Mistress" after her work duty. It's free, who am I to say "NO" huh?!? When it's free, don't ask me... I'm game..[long as I am around and no commitment yet :)] So there in Mega Mall I went... and waited... and waited... it's only 4:00pm and her out is 5:30pm.. I'm not excited, no? :D And I'm hungry, but I don't eat much if I'm alone, I'd rather ignore my tummy than be bored eating..
     I have to find something for killing time. And luckily, the Art Center has their Annual Sculpture Review that weekend. So I indulge myself on different sculpture on display. There are some very interesting display that  really catch my attention but I am surely will never ever forget the one from Agi Pagkatipunan titled "Binhi". It is a very large sculpture of the female organ. Hahaha.. I can not think of anyone displaying such. But then I appreciate it, it is an art. The other sculpture I love was the "Headless March" but I forgot the creator of this appealing work of art.
    Anyways, enough for the Sculpture Review display.

Now for the REview:
    At last my movie viewing companion arrive (huh, after i think my varicose veins angrily swelled) (^.-)
    Though John Lloyd is not one of my fave actor (locally) I am interested learning what the story is about. Besides Bea is a great actress. I have watched the move "no other woman" by Anne Curtis, Christine Reyes and Derek Ramsey and I cannot stop myself from comparing the two. I have enjoyed the exchange of metaphors between Anne and Christine. The movie was loaded with heavy scenes between the two ladies. So I was waiting for some heavy scenes in "The Mistress" but was disappointed. It was a very light movie for a third party relationship story. I was expecting for some heavy and heated confrontations but I was not successful 'til the end of the movie.  But there were still some quotable quotes I have enjoyed and would love to remember. They are baduy (corny) but still they are quotable.

   Here are some that I remembered:

1. Hindi mo malalamang may kulang hanggang walang dumating na puwedeng pumuno dito (you will not know something's missing until somebody came to fulfill it) - line of JD/Eric (John Lloyd) to Sari (Bea Alonzo)

2. Ang daming dahilan para hindi kita mahalin pero isa lang ang dahilan bakit di ko magawa yun, mahal kita, yun lang yun (There are so many reasons not to love you, but only one reason why I cannot do it, I love you, that's just it) - Regina (Hilda Koronel) to Rico(Ronaldo Valdez)

3. Sari: Ang kunwari ba puwedeng maging totoo? (Could a pretend be true?)
    JD:   Kung gusto mo. (If you like.)
    Sari: Natatakot akong maniwala. (I am afraid to believe.)
    JD:   Release you fears, Sari.

4. Anung karapatan mu? Mistress lang kita! (What right do you have? You're just my mistress!) - Rico to Sari.

5. I hate you, I really, really hate you because I can't hate you. I hate you. - Regina to Rico

Haist, that's enough for now. 
The movie was comprised of limited characters and few actor/actress only but all of the stars are really BIG stars.

Main characters:
a. John Lloyd cruz - as JD/Eric Torres
b. Bea Alonzo - as Sari or Rosario Alfonso (the mistress)
c. Ronaldo Valdez - Rico Torres
d. Hilda Koronel - Regina Torres

Anita Linda, Carmi Martin and Gabe Mercado were only some of the supporting actors that filled the cast and played some important roles.

Overall, I would rate 80% for the movie and would suggest to anybody who love to watch light movies and just relax and kill time :)


Disclaimer: Opinions are mine and this is a free review. Nobody related in production and promotion of the movie has ask me to do so.

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