Saturday, October 27, 2012

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I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

I'm sexy and I know it.    :)

       I do not have an hourglass body but just a li'l close (haha, wishful thinking) but I am sexy and I know it - very much. And you could be, too. It doesn't matter if your shoulder are broader than your Pa's or that your hips is wider than your door. You could be pass up for a post or bamboo, or your friend may call you a "stick", it doesn't matter, you can be body beautiful.
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          Your age should not affect how you see your body. I notice that when people grow older they became body conscious. Our body shape do change as we grow older. Don't panic, though, that's just normal. I am a living proof of that. I used to be a skinny kid during school days [(32-24-33) weighing 85lbs.].   And even during after graduation and early working years. I notice the change when I reached the age of 25.

          Slowly, I noticed the the increase in my weight (wish it was my height, haha). In the past, I always choose small sizes for my garments but lately, small sizes don't fit me anymore. I am now a medium size. My jeans changed from 25/26 to 27/28. You can see the change in my hips and the muscled areas as well. I admit, I like more the "ME" now. I am much sexier today and well shaped. (walang kokontra). Although there are parts of me that gain unwanted muscles as well and they are bulging (2 layered bilbil :-| ) I am not ashamed of it. All you need is the confidence, no matter how young or how old you are, you could be so sexy.
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        If you wear the right clothes and correct undergarments, you will surely have the confidence you need to be body beautiful.As long as you can carry well what you wear, move with confidence, strut like no one is watching....... you are beautiful. And Wacoal will help us to achieve all confidence we need.  It will help us to feel beautiful inside-out. For so long years, Wacoal continues cultivating creativity that will give a lot of true confidence to women of all ages. They never stop innovating to find women's best shape of life by wearing comfortable and perfectly fit intimate apparels.

 Choose your age.....find your fit.....Be Body Beautiful.....

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