Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Hot: Carrot Orange Dress

     Another day to express myself in clothing I love. :D
I have few moments to wear my style. With my work, I am always on uniform. And on few times like this, I make the best that I can to escape from those mawkish clothes.
   This time I explore something from my closet that I haven't wore for a very very long time and that I cannot think of occasion to wear it to. I can't wear them in school and I don't party much.
This is a casual day, me going for a simple task... canvassing for a closer, cheaper but offer best quality of education for my MASTERS. I put on my carrot orange dress from SUNDANCE. Actually it is a bit old, buttons are gone and just so plain --- orange.. 
  I have created a diversion from being so plain.. From my not so old shorts, I got the ribbon/belt.. wrap it around me and then ...... voila!!! **wink, wink**
To finish it all up, now is the time (maybe) to use my newly bought Reva flats. (-.^) 
I hope it matches... 


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