Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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International Giveaway - Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth

    Rapunzel in 2012? This is the fairy tale of our time. Thanks to BookLovers Book Review, I have a chance to have a copy of this very timely novel.
    Fairytales are fun and enjoyable to read. This book will surely occupy me on my days rest. Interesting topic too, a modern day Rapunzel? and three stories of three ladies in one book. That's awesome!!
   Of course Booklovers still making it international, which is very great, giving me a chance to join the contest! The same as before: SiNK or Swim and  Love in the Years of Lunacy, the winner of this contest will be  selected through random.org.
    Kate Forsyth is an award winning author, although she's not so familiar to me, I am interested to know her more through her writings. I am not much on drama or love story novels, but I would love a fairytale story. It makes me feel a few years younger :-D
    Readers of this simple blog can also join if you want. Just visit the Booklovers post about the GiveAway HERE.
    The title "Bitter Green" will not give you any idea on what the book is about until you read the synopsis. The title is Interesting enough that will surely make you think.


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